Hiring Hub’s second chance hiring all began as an effort to partner alongside the City of Albuquerque’s efforts in reducing our community’s crime and homeless rates by giving those candidates experiencing homelessness or with less than a perfect background a chance to integrate back into society with full-time work opportunities. Employment plays a key role in giving people dignity, self-respect, and the resources to help pay for housing and other necessities of life. Our candidates are given the chance to move toward self-sufficiency, re-engage with their communities, and pursue their employment goals. This dramatically reduces the number of repeat offenders, and chronic homelessness, and helps prevent career criminals from developing. Working together alongside the City of Albuquerque and several of our other clients offer opportunities to job seekers with nonviolent misdemeanors and felonies that were unrelated to their job responsibilities. Among the population who have been hired, not even one was terminated for behavior that correlated to their conviction.

Our recruiters assess each individual job applicant – both for temporary and permanent positions – and what they were charged with. If the charge is not related to the job, they are allowed to work. The employers that participate in this program receive generous Work Opportunity Tax Credits from the state and have a sense of pride that they are part of the crime and homeless solution here in our community!!